School Profile

GREEN FIELDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF STA. ROSA, LAGUNA, INC. (GFIS), formerly known as Sandra's Language Center (MY-OK Language Tutorial Corp.) has been operating for almost five (5) years with a mission of producing tomorrow’s citizens. 


It is headed and operated by Ms. MYEONG OK HAN (Sandra Han), Korean national and presently residing at Blk. 15 Lot 8 Santana Road, La Residencia, Brgy. Don Jose, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.


GFIS is located in San Lorenzo South, Villa Segovia, Brgy. Dita, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.  A tranquil environment conducive to study dominates over the city’s active pace.  But its perfect location right in the center of Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines brings you close to potpourri of modern lifestyle comforts.  It’s nearness to SM Shoemart-Sta. Rosa, Paseo de Santa Rosa Town Center, and Santa Rosa Mall provides a selection of restaurants, cafes, boutiques and supermarkets to make it convenient for students.  It is a walking distance to Enchanted Kingdom Theme Park.  And only few minutes drive from several golf courses.  Exclusive subdivisions and residential places are also sprawled around the area for easy housing alternatives.  The school offers dormitory facilities to accommodate foreign students and those from local far-off provinces.


The City of Santa Rosa, Laguna Philippines is within the 121° 6’ latitude, about 40 km. south of Manila in the first district of the Province of Laguna.  It is bounded on the northwest of Binan, on the south and southwest of Cabuyao and on the west by the Province of Cavite.  On the north east is Laguna de Bay.  It has a total land area of 5,415 hectares (54.15 sq kms) having slopes ranging from 0.0 to 2.5 percent indicating level to nearly level lands (97.89 percent).  Santa Rosa is linked to metro manila and other Southern Luzon provinces by the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), the Manila South Road and the Philippine National Railroad (PNR) south-line.


GFIS is a co-educational, offering Pre-elementary, Elementary, Secondary level for the Formal Education Department,  ESL (English as a Second Language) Department and Art School dedicated to motivating students to pursue knowledge, wisdom, good moral values and excellence.  It is permitted to operate, accredited and recognized by the Department of Education.  The school is maintaining its high standards of operation, as imposed by the international school standards.  Moreover, it is the only school in the area that has a Language Center facility to correct the problem of language and cultural barriers often encountered by international school students.


As an international school, GFIS prepares students to meet the challenges of global education, with academic excellence and values-oriented living foremost in their mind.  It has a three-storey building with Audio-visual room, Science Laboratory, Speech Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Dance Studio, Drama room, Music room, Library, and Medical and Dental Clinic which provide students with the technology they need to hone their analytical and empirical abilities for intermediate and secondary level education.  All classrooms are air-conditioned and other facilities such as music room, speech laboratory and library are of high standard. 


GFIS is divided into three (3) departments:

1.      ESL (English as a Second Language) Department

2.      Formal Education Department

3.      Art School Department


ESL (English as a Second Language) DEPARTMENT


The ESL Department encourages students to take full advantage of, and benefit from, the highly professional, and very supportive, learning environment that GFIS provides.  We develop our students to possess academic distinction by firmly establishing their English foundations.


Green Fields International School formerly known as SANDRA'S LANGUAGE CENTER (MY-OK Language Tutorial Corp.) is accredited by the Department of Immigration, Department of Education (DEPED), and Technical Skills and Development Authority –TESDA.


GFIS is affiliated with Hopkins International Partnership for TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).  Hopkins International Partnership is a certifying examination centre for a number of major examinations in English like TOEIC and TOEFL under Educational Testing Service (ETS), New Jersey.


The ESL Department started in 2005, offering TOEIC and TOEFL mastery for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.  The department offers an intensive program of the four (4) major sections of the study of English, which are reading, listening, writing and speaking.  Students’ artistic skills are also developed.


The ESL students’ are required to keep their portfolio of: minor and major tests, seat work and home work, including essays and speech records, monologues and dialogues.  Lecture groups have a maximum of 5 students, although a normal classroom range between 3-4 student to  ensure that learners receive the best of attention. 


The ESL Department integrates an academic and personality growth concept.  To be effective in both oral and written communication skills, students are encouraged to follow “Strictly English Policy” in expressing their thoughts, ideas and even in casual conversations.


In order to comply with the conditions set by GFIS-ESL Department, students have to maintain their English proficiency.  The method of assessment is based on TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language.  Upon admission, the students will take a TOEFL-BASED Leveling test that will measure their speaking, reading, listening and writing ability and evaluate the students’ progress.  All activities are assessed according to the TOEFL Scores and Scales.




Green Fields International School core curriculum emphasizes on Howard Gardner’s eight (8) multiple Intelligences, such as Bodily-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Naturalistic, Intrapersonal, Visual-Spatial, and Musical. Supplementing the core curriculum are electives in computer, foreign language, arts and crafts, painting and sketching, and sports education and also following the Bloom’s taxonomy of Education.  In addition, the School also has extra- curricular programs such as Theater Arts Club (Dancing, Acting and Singing) and the Music Club (Piano, Guitar, Cello, Flute and specialization in native Filipino and native Korean instruments).  All students encountering difficulties are enrolled in the School’s Language program, enhancing the School’s aim to provide quality language training especially for foreign students.


Young, competent and artistic faculty members are licensed and recognized in their field of profession. Their commitment to excellence is evident in active professional careers enhanced by strong academic preparations. The orientation of faculty members is based on understanding the characteristic Greenian academic culture, the culture of inquiry and discovery through forward-looking research. The aim of the School community is to be a producer of tomorrow’s citizen.

Their activities include student consultation, academic advising, determination of course requirements, participation in councils/committees/boards that program, plan and implement curricular and co-curricular activities, and researches that address the requirements in their disciplines and the development of concerns of Philippine society.

Permanent faculty members have proven themselves of possessing values and attitude reflecting the School Mission – Vision Statement, which includes sense of cooperativeness and responsibility.

The Formal School Department offers the Nursery, Kinder, Preparatory, Elementary and Secondary Level.






Imagine a school that has perfected the arts of arts education, GREEN FIELDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Arts Department , a close knit, working community of students and teachers whose passion for the arts is balanced by a dedication to learning.


GFIS Arts Department offers a disciplined arts class program for all ages and for those ages who wants to learn all about arts, along with world class-training in MUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTS, DRAMA AND THEATRE PRODUCTIONS AND DANCE CLASS.


Our faculty members are all professional artists with specific areas of specialization. 



Music and performing Arts

This Course and performing group are designed to meet the needs, interest and talents of all students of different ages. It present  the Student in opportunities to study music from a technical aspect, to learn, to understand, and appreciate music through listening and to develop and self-expression through participation in the various instrumental and choral performing groups.

Students who plan specialize in music or music education as a career are urged to begin theory study as early as possible.

Band -  Band program is a comprehensive program which includes marching and concert band training and performances using different kinds of instruments

The school offers instruction in many different instruments to all students each year. Private instruction is offered in instruments ranging from piano to voice, electric guitar, drums, violin and organ.



Drama And Theatre Productions

Provides performing arts of the highest caliber in accordance with acting school industry standards. It offers performance production and theatre wherein students develop the ability to work with their peers.





Our School are planned and organized by theme and age, and instruction is carefully tailored to fit the ability of each student from beginner to experience performer, with lots of hand on health and individualized attention. We have classes for every one-dancer of all ages, levels and disciplines are welcome-no prior dance experience is necessary to have a great time dance floor. Our aim is to be flexible for sports and to move better a theatre audition. We offer Hip-hop tap, Jazz and lyrical, ballet, Philippines native dance, Acrobatics, Ballroom and other foreign dances.